Cable Tray 

Ignitechs is a leading Supplier of Cable Tray System. We provide cable trays of high industrial standard that can withstand any weather condition. We supply cable trays to businesses, manufacturing units, factories, and another setup.

A full range of compatible, factory made fittings is available for each type of tray to provide solutions to directional changes both vertically and horizontally. Typically, main cable trays are manufactured from carbon steel and then hot dipped galvanised in accordance with international standard to afford corrosion protection. However, it is also offered in a selection of alternative materials and finishes to satisfy a broad spectrum of installation conditions.
Cable Trunking
Cable Trunking is a surface mounted enclosure system designed to ensure ease of installation and protection to insulated conductors and cables. The system includes turnbuckle that helps to fix the lid for trunking systems. The cable trunking system is provided with gusseted construction and integral couple to ensure the cables are provided with the smooth place for turns. The system provides a full range of fittings and accessories in accordance with British/European standards to accommodate complex installation routing requirements. Lid retention of the trunking covers is available in either screw lock type or quick assembly ‘Jet Lock’ type which requires minimum rotation to fasten securely.
Cable Ladder 

Cable Ladders in UAE are built under custom engineered specifications that ensures that cable ladders save the cable from any damages. Generally, the cable ladders in UAE are built to 4m length, 150mm rail height and 119mm spacing for cables. But, in market the cable management systems specify the length of cable tray from 3m upto 6m as per the demand from the buyers. Cable Ladders are hot dip and deep galvanized to make sure that cable ladders are stainless steel.

A comprehensive range of fittings and accessories is available for each type of ladder to facilitate and ensure efficient and fast execution of installation.
Conduit Pipes and Fittings

Conduits have been recognized as one of the most reliable system to protect the wiring across the building structure. The wall thickness and strength of steel makes metal conduit the most mechanical protection to the enclosed conductors. Flexible metal conduits can also be used for cable and wire protective system in industrial machines & plants.

Conduits are available as galvanized steel rigid/flex conduits, PVC rigid/flex conduits along with the wide range of socket boxes, support channels & accessories.

Some of the different types of conduit are mentioned below.
  • Rigid Metal Conduit
  • Galvanized rigid conduit
  • Electrical metallic tubing
  • PVC conduit
  • Reinforced thermosetting resin conduit
  • Aluminum conduit, Etc.
Floor Trunking

Floor Trunking System is designed for the distribution of power, data and telecom cables. Floor trunking system mainly used for the office layouts and modern building methods need a versatile arrangement of services for easy installation and flexibility in use.

Underscreed Trunking System: Low cost, well tried and trusted method but lacks flexibility due to fixed positions of service outlet boxes

Flush floor Trunking System: Allows permanent, ready access to install service outlet boxes at any location along the various trunking routes

Raised Cavity System: High capacity, lightweight, easily assembled system that provides containment and protection for cabling within the floor void. Floor service boxes can be installed anywhere within the area of installation